do you ever just stare at your homework and cry

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Teacher: sit down
Me: drank

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when will teenage girls stop shaming each other and discover that their real enemy is teenage boys 

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people shit on math and science because they’re not good at it y’all are like “being amazing at math and science doesn’t make you intelligent” nah man it literally does it’s just that if you aren’t amazing at math and science it doesn’t mean you’re unintelligent don’t shit on other people’s talents simply because they aren’t yours


people say lmao a lot nowadays but no one says rofl anymore and its weird cause back in the day rofl and lmao used to be interchangeable and if you were a risktaker youd combine them into roflmao but now everyones dropped rofl. its probably for the best but i cant help but be nostalgic.

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one time i got a fish and my dad made me name it james pond

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i wanna meet the male version of me 

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you know when you follow someone and they follow you right back or the other way around and you always like eachothers posts and you can tell that they’re a great person even though you never spoke to them what a beautiful nonexistent friendship 

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god I am so tired of people throwing roses at my feet as I walk by


do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do

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i came out tonight to get attacked and honestly i am having such a fun time right now

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once when i was really high at this restaurant and i cried through the song unwritten by natasha bedingfield

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i like having my own apartment bc it means when my family comes to visit i can just say “you’re under my roof” and they can’t protest shit

update my dad is grounded

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Those girls who wear converse to prom because “they aren’t like most girls”


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I found out santa wasnt real because I got a spy kit that christmas so i fingerprinted my mom and matched it to the fingerprints i dusted on the milk mug i left out… Im on that next level shit

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